Jack, I love watching you find some new skills this summer!
You have mastered the trike and are heading for the trees now.
You regularly ask to be my "daily helper" to set the table for breakfast. You are good at setting the spoons around the table and carrying bowls of cereal.

I especially love the skills you haven't mastered yet:
You haven't yet mastered the skill of pronouncing your "L"s yet... they come out more like "yuh"s.
"I yuh-ve you, Mommy... so much" melts my heart.
Your "C"s are adorable to me... they come out as "T"s.
So "Cars" are "Tars" and "Catherine" is "Taf-frine".

So when you you ask to read 'Plore Pookey Famp, I know you really mean
 you want us to read the National Geographic book, Explore a Spooky Swamp.
I like your title better.

When you pray, you thank God for the whole wide world, your family, and your pillow and blanket.
You are growing in a thankful awareness of God's presence and provision in your life!

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  1. Cool pictures Jack! And great to hear you're loving life :)