meet Jude

Jude Tom Snyder - 19 August 2011

The story behind his names:

Jude was a name we thought would grow with our son. (Yes, we keep hearing the Beatles sing "Hey, Jude...") But Jude originally comes from the book of the Bible and it means "Praise!"

I first found the book of Jude challenging, as Jude was writing during challenging times, but as I read the book again, it's clear that while Jude is strong enough to speak truth into challenging times, he clearly has a gentle and tender heart for people.

"Tom" is the Hebrew word for "integrity". As with all our children, we have chosen our children's middle names to bear witness to God's character in our lives. Over the last year, the importance of Integrity has meant a great deal to us. 

May Jude know that God is always faithful - operating with complete integrity - in his life, and may he grow into man of integrity after God's own heart.