meet Camille

Camille Anah Snyder - 15 September 2008

Camille is a name that Erik and I felt was feminine and would grow with our little girl through the years.

Anah is a Hebrew word meaning "to proclaim". Erik and I wanted Camille's middle name to forever remind her of God's activity in our lives during the time that we were pregnant with her.

Camille came into our lives shortly after God gave us a job, home, and community at Ravencrest Chalet, following a year of unemployment. Erik had fervently looked for work, but without avail. We wondered at what God was doing.

Our lease on our townhouse was scheduled to end, so Erik and I had packed up everything, only we didn't know where we were going. Erik said, "God created the world in six days... there's a lot He can do in a week."

We were amazed at God's provision and timing as three days before we were to move, the director at Ravencrest invited us to come on staff.

We wanted to "proclaim" God's activity in our lives! We wanted Camille to know that she represents that. May she know His activity in her life. As we have watched Camille grow, we have seen the makings of a strong body, mind and heart. May she know and proclaim Him to those she meets.