meet Jack

John Day Snyder  - 20 November 2009

Erik's first name is actually John, so we named our son after his dad, giving him the call name "Jack". Erik and I felt that the name Jack would suit our boy throughout his life. We trust that Jack will still be young at heart like his name sounds to us. 

"Day" is a Hebrew word meaning "sufficient". When the Israelites had crossed the Jordan River into the promised land, the men were told to arrange memorial stones from the river on the other side. The stones were to be a sign to the generations to come. When their sons saw those stones and asked their meaning, the story of God's work might be told (see Joshua 4). 

Like his sisters, Jack's middle name is a "memorial stone", forever representing God's presence and activity in our family's life. We hope that as our children hear their names and know their meanings, they will see the God of their parents who cares for them, too. 
Jack came in a busy, full time in our lives at home and in Erik's work when we felt our strength was insufficient. However, we saw that God was "sufficient" for our needs.  May Jack come to know His sufficiency and extend a heart of care for others in need.