meet Catherine

Catherine Eden Snyder - 26 July 2007

Erik and I chose Catherine's first name because we wanted a name that would grow with her as she grew. We thought "Catherine" would be feminine and age-appropriate whether she was three months, three years, or ninety three.

"Eden" came from a desire to give Catherine a name that would forever represent the time we were pregnant with her. It was the beginning of the  Recession in the States, and Erik had been unemployed for nearly a year. Even having applied to over one hundred jobs all across Canada and the States and at any level (graveyard shift at wal-mart!),  we still had no work. Even so, we slept soundly at night. We felt God's peace and presence in our lives all during the unemployment and pregnancy.

"Eden" - like the Garden of Eden where Adam and Eve walked with God - means "the presence of God." We hope Catherine's middle name will be a reminder to her throughout her life of God's presence... in her parent's lives and in her life.

As she has grown, Erik and I have already seen a peace and gentleness in Catherine Eden which truly reminds us of God's presence. May others feel the presence of God when they are with her.