verbatim: lunch date

Each week, Erik takes a few guys from Ravencrest or the community out for lunch. When he's not eating out, he's at home with us. Friday Erik was home for lunch. As our family sat around the kitchen table, Catherine asked a question:

Catherine: Dad?
Erik: Yeah?
Catherine: Why do some days you eat with somebody else and some days you eat with our family? Because I like to have you. It's very fun.
Erik: Catherine, if I had to choose between going out to lunch with someone or coming home to my family, I would always want to come home and be with my family.
Catherine: Everyday?
Erik: Everyday.
Catherine: Oh!!

Erik: But... God has given me other relationships with people.... like Dylan or with other guys who Dad feels it's important to go out and spend some time with these guys. And so Daddy does that, but by no means does it mean that I'd rather do that than be with my family. I would rather be with my family. So on the days I don't go out with those guys, I like to be with you guys."
(Catherine hugs Erik.)
Erik: I don't want to miss anything.

breathtaking-photo credit: Chris Mainland 


  1. This is a stunning photo, Sarah. . .in every way!

    1. Since I was not the photographer, I'll appraise it, too:
      I wholeheartedly agree, GA.
      There have been times I have looked at this photo and literally cried - this little girl's preciousness seems almost enhanced by the strength and joy in the presence of her daddy.

      It makes me want all the more to know, protect, and be gentle with her little heart.