Ever since I've known Erik, he's enjoyed hosting a good party. 
Having little kids hasn't kept Erik away either from entertaining or from the grill
 when summer comes a-callin'. 
In fact, now he has four junior entertainers to help him kick off the good times.
We hosted a BBQ for about 30 single staff and interns at our home earlier this June, and 
our friends Chris and Carly Mainland captured some of the moments on film.

Erik, grill master 

Jack,  cookie inspector

Mimi, cookie taster

Catherine, running c - i - r - c - l - e - s around the porch crew  

Jack, with his cars, letting the good times roll

the girls, settling down with Mrs. Ginger, before they have to say
So long, farewell
Auf wiedersehen, good night!
and head for bed.

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