summer activities with preschoolers #2
(if you're just in, catch #1 here!)

2a. pack a picnic! We live in the Rocky Mountains, so saying it's pretty easy to get out and explore is an understatement. So for the suburbanites or city dwellers amongst us, even the simplicity of a stroll that ends up in a shady sun-dappled grassy spot to enjoy a little lunch with your children is something out of the ordinary and memorable. The fresh air, the blue sky, the birds over head are sure to please even the littlest in your party (God even refreshes this mama outside!)

2b. bring along! We toss a Little House chapter book (or something similar) in our picnic bag and read a chapter between bites of peanut butter and jams.

2c. while you're sitting there in the grass, don't miss out on this ever-changing art show...

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