endless summer

When summer says freedom!, as a mom with three preschoolers and one infant, I still have to lead. As parents, Erik and I certainly don't want to over-structure the summer and strip it of its fireworks- and firefly-magic, but (you've heard this before!) in a family our size with children this young and this close together, we do need some structure. So how do I take this mass of time called summer and give it to our children in a meaningful way? This is what I've been praying about recently. 

Each week, I'll be sharing some ideas for summer activities that we're discovering. These ideas are drawn out of my hat, but if you have any in your hat you'd like to share, please do! Share what you're doing (or have done if you no longer have preschoolers) by leaving a comment. 

summer activities for preschoolers #1

1. load 'em up!

Our library has no limit to the number of children's books we can check out. This could prove dangerous for our family! Through the summer, we continue to carry our super-sturdy LL Bean bag into the library and come out loaded. The librarians joke about the length of my receipt.

Our kids appreciate continue having some structured time during the summer months, so we continue to have quiet reading times and shared reading times each day.

Need an incentive? Our library has an excellent summer reading program for school-aged kids and preschoolers. Maybe your local library has one, too?

Because books are the foundation to many of the crafts we do throughout the summer, they are number one on our list!

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  1. We had that same laugh with the librarians in Estes. I remember asking them if it was okay that we checked out 40 books every week! Things have not changed much, even with an 8 & 10 year old. They still enjoy looking at picture books, just as much as they did when they were toddlers.