Observing these pictures of Camille, you will notice she's holding one stick in each hand: one rests on her shoulders while the other operates like a bow. Camille is playing her "violin" - a talent neither Erik or I possess. What has inspired this creativity outside the genetics and nurture of our immediate family? Without a doubt, the time Camille spent watching her extended family: the students who live at Ravencrest. It may be said that our children are students of the students. 

Erik notes that he is a student - learning about dependence on Jesus, too- only he is sitting at a different kind of desk! While Erik's job title is "Business Manager", we feel that his "job" is just one aspect of life in this community. Living here at RC is so much more than a 9-5 job: it is sharing life with each other and growing together in dependence on the risen life of Christ.

Practically, our home is regularly open for students: having groups into our home for weekly meetings and individuals over for casual drop in visits or dinner. During their time here at Ravencrest, the students become a part of our family - believe me, they do not see a polished image of "family", but they see the realistic bedhead, diapers, communication, and dirty dishes of life: a family who needs Jesus! Living in community, the students observe the nitty gritty of our lives and hopefully surrender and dependence on the Lord Jesus for our daily needs as individuals.

Throughout the year, the students have taught, entertained, and inspired our children.

At the end of this week, those students graduate and return to their homes, lives, and study or work. We will miss them and are grateful for the year we've had with them. We - and our children - have learned from them.

And this week - as graduation approaches, I thought it would be an appropriate time to share a broader picture of the ministry our family is involved in. This week, watch for clips about Ravencrest and its mother organization called Torchbearers International, a preview to the film the Capernwray Story, and some words from the founder Major Thomas. Enjoy the week!

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