ravencrest and torchbearers international

So tell me more about "Ravencrest"!
will do.
in a nutshell-
1. by fall, winter, and spring: a one-year Bible school
2. by summer: a youth camp and retreat center

3. the awesome place our family calls home, 365 days a year!
4. the place Erik serves as the business manager

5. one of 26 centers belonging to a family called "Torchbearers International" (incidently, Erik and I met at the original center - Capernwray Hall in England.)

TI's Communication and Development team have been at work to communicate more about the organization. The following video was made to explain what Torchbearers International is. To view, click on the "play" icon in the middle of the screen.

Enjoy! (And while you do, see if you can spot MY man Erik along the way!)

want even more about Ravencrest? www.ravencrest.org
and Torchbearers International? www.torchbearers.org

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