The Capernwray Story

Continuing on with our Torchbearer International theme this week, I would like to share a preview to the Capernwray Story. The clip is introduced by TI's graphic designer, Christine Gerhart:

Torchbearers International’s first centre was Capernwray Hall in England. TI was founded by Major Ian Thomas and his wife, Joan Thomas. Major Ian Thomas passed away a few years ago but Mrs. Thomas is here in Colorado and sat down with our videographer, Chris Mainland, to tell the story of how Capernwray came to be. It is incredible to hear her tell stories and all the ways that God has been working to make TI what it is today. The full length film isn’t done yet, but here is a promo that Chris put together. I can’t wait to until the final one is done!

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  1. i like what you've done with the place!! (your blog). it's looking beautiful, sarah, and all those little faces?

    oh my. so sweet.