no more mr. nice guy

Our friends, the Jacksons, gave our girls the Princess Matching Game (a lovely version of the game Memory) at Christmas. While the girls learned the principle of the game, I was nice and let them win

That was, until recently.
Camille and I played.
Camille smoked me in princess matching.
26 to 13. 
  No more Mr. Nice Guy, kids.

 Camille finds her favorite pair - Princess Bluebell.

 My five meager matches, neatly arranged.

Camille's booty - she won so many she just tossed them haphazardly in her pile. 

So if you ever play the Princess Matching game with Camille, please, as her mother, I'm asking you... show no pity to the wee three year old across the floor from you. She could school you. Hard.

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