Jude time!

happy chap

Nothing like waking up to this smile in the morning. 
I'd pass up a cup-o-joe for a cup-o-Jude any time.

Jude can sleep nearly anywhere! (Don't worry, I moved him after I took these last two shots!)

Young Blue Eyes
Mr. Sinatra Snyder has kept his blues the longest of any Snyders thus far and going stong!

A friend asked us last night if it's challenging having four. 
My reflections on having Jude:
1. God sent us Jude! He brings a chill and steady personality that is a great addition to our family. He (don't hate me!) sleeps through the night; I have to wake him to feed.
2. I'm a different mama. Don't laugh too hard: I used to keep charts of Catherine's feeds, sleeps, diapers. While she was a lovely baby, the learning curve was the steepest for me with her. By the time Jude's come around, there's still lots to learn, but boy is this fun.
3. We're a different family. The Snyder family is in a new era. Catherine and Camille inititate, cooperate, and play together much more now than two years ago when Jack was born. While I'm still a presence in their lives and guiding them through their day, they need me in different way. Where's Jack? He is their shadow.
4. Routines. We've built in to our day independent times: to read or to play. The kids and I anticipate these times for them to have on their own, and for me to use it how I need it (say, staring into Jude's blue eyes??)
5. Momentum. Contrast Jude with Catherine, who grew up in a gentle cocoon of quietness and schedule. Erik and I were attentive to her every breath. Even in utero, Jude was becoming familiar with the noise and activity of our family. He has entered on the fast track of a family in motion, of blurred color. This is Jude's norm. He keeps up or passes out as needed.


  1. LOVE! Oh Sarah! I SO wish I could get to observe the Snyders in this new season. What a beautiful baby boy God has given y'all! love the pictures and knowing a little more about life for y'all these days :) Love and miss you!

  2. love. love. love. as i heard your mother so often say..."etc. children thrive on neglect!" how true, and what better sleepers they are! =) glad you are finding peace and joy in the midst of crazy!

  3. Anonymous22.10.11

    I must give credit to Erma Bombeck from whom I heard this very succinct remark (" 'etc.' children thrive on neglect") and to add to that "their first words fall on deaf ears" and "there is no one there to applaud their first 'potty'"! We all KNOW she had at least 3 children!

    Sarah, I love your reflection on "Momentum"...that "Jude either keeps up or passes out as needed" What a trooper him is!!

    love you all so much,
    m and d