one year out

I'm tagging this to leftover pregnancy hormones, but it all started at 10 AM on October 12th, when I randomly realized that Catherine would be attending kindergarten this time next year (Fall 2012). We would either be homeschooling her, or she could be at the kindergarten in town. Considering the latter, my hyped up mind fastforwarded her life to the next 12 years, plus four if it included university, plus an indefinite number of years if she got married. At the end of all this mental math, I was in tears realizing that, hypothetically, if Catherine went away to kindergarten, I might never see her at 10 AM on an October 12th ever again! (Thank you, hormones!!)

More constructively, feelings and emotions are the impetus for me to consider and to act.

The realization that, somewhere next year, Catherine will be attending school, either at the school in town or in our home, has meant that I have been investigating both. Although our heart's desire is to begin with the homeschool option. I've written before that we intend to prayerfully take each child and our family situation to the Lord each year, seeking Him for His direction as it regards schooling, rather than making a once for all black-and-white statement.

So here we are, a year out, thinking and praying this one through. I've investigated the school in town to be informed, and have been reading some homeschooling blogs that have been incredibly inspiring (and incredibly overwhelming!) Did I not get a degree in education? Did I not already teach for two years? I feel lost when it comes to teaching our own children. Like starting at ground zero. At the end of the day of journeying around different blogs and websites, I find myself asking the Lord, What do You want me to take away from all of this?

At the moment, I sense that there are areas I could better get under my belt now if our focus next year is starting school.

Primarily, heart stuff:
continuing to focus on teaching our children to listen and follow directions. "Obey right away" is often heard in these walls.

Secondly, home and hearth stuff:

With a family our size, there are lots of dishes, beds, and clothes to be cared for. My philosophy (and it's still being worked out practically) is, if it's something the kids can do, then it's something they should learn to do. Can they make up their beds? Can they take their dishes to the sink? Can they sort lights and darks?  Then I need to focus on teaching them the processes for these things and learn ways to integrate them into our day.

Erik: "What's for supper?" Sarah: "Umm... Hmmm...  (what's thawed out?) Scrambled eggs?!" has been my answer far too many times lately. If proper nutrition is one ingredient significant for growing bodies, my marks are way down in the nutrition department. My mom always said having a meal plan and thawed out meat for your dinner that night is half the work. To cut down on hour long shopping trips to the valley, and to ensure a variety of meals, such has begun a monthly meal plan for the Snyder home.

Hopefully, adding structure to our basic needs (home and hearth) will be helpful to the overall function of our home, regardless of what schooling option we go with.

That said, I hope this post hasn't been too laborious for you to read, as it has been for me to experience these past few weeks. I literally have been jittery, feeling overwhelmed, and snappy at our children for childish things (like spilled juice AGAIN?!!) as opposed to significant heart things.

If you want to pray for me, you can ask the Lord to show me new, creative, and productive ways to lead our children through this year of our lives... where He would have me restructure priorities (I feel so busy! am I missing their hearts in the process? am I listening? am I laughing?)... and to savor each day for what it is.

Thanks, friends, for walking with me today.


  1. Anonymous20.10.11

    Hi Sarah,

    Thank you for your honesty. I know I feel the same way sometimes as a mother. It's east to be distracted by the things that are just daily chores and miss their hearts. I"ll be praying for you and your schooling decision.

    Erin Ragle

  2. Sarah! Your mother's heart is a beautiful one. and I can just picture your beautiful blue eyes wide open and exploring the world of education in this new way. Just prayed for you and will do so again as I remember you and your wonderful family!
    Love you!

  3. Anonymous22.10.11

    Hello, lovely ones! Have inscribed your prayer requests in my new prayer journal and will be anticipating hearing how God is answering them.

    Yes, lots of Kleenex when all the babies in the years to come will be sprouting wings and leaving home. Thank God, though, they do seem to enjoy coming home to roost ever so often ;) We love you so much

  4. Wishing we were closer so to sit down and have a cup of tea and chat and share and be interrupted a million times... praying for you and for me and the children God has given/giving. Much love to you, friend.

  5. Anonymous25.10.11

    God will show you clearly what you are to do in educating your children, as you seek His direction. He VERY CLEARLY showed me, and revealed to me that I was fighting HIM in what HE wanted for our family. Be obedient to whatever HE calls you to, because that is where the blessing lies.