so it begins

Living here in the mountains of Colorado, we are grateful to have a lifetime of trails to explore. However, since we moved here four years ago (when our oldest was 2 months old) up until now, Erik and I have mostly taken the kids on hikes involving nominal elevation gain (and stroller friendly).
Adventurous students have asked us, "Have you hiked to Gem Lake? Have you done Twin Sisters?"
 Answer: "Not yet but we're looking forward to it, one day."
Looks like that day is dawning.
One Saturday morning in September, we learned that our kids are ready for more.
 Camille begins hiking up to the top of Pole Hill.

 Without being carried, without complaint, but with the spirit of adventure and wonder, the girls climbed to the top, gaining 1K feet of elevation. (Jack enjoyed the view from the comfort and ease of a pack on Erik's back; Jude forsook to the views to enjoy a premium snuggly slumber within the carrier I wore.)

 Refueling and taking it all in.

 Our view down the hill gave us all a great perspective on our home, Ravencrest, and Estes Park.

Well done, family!
And so it begins, our family's exploration of Colorado by foot.


  1. Anonymous6.10.11

    Looks like it is time to invest in good hiking boots. :)


  2. Anonymous22.10.11

    Wish GrandMar and Grandadick was on this trek with you guys! I think it is getting about time to take the girls to Len Foote Inn at Amicalola Falls State Park!

    We love you.
    m and d

  3. love this! totally want to raise my kids like that, and what an amazing place to live.