Snapshots: Jack

Like his daddy, Jack is a big guy: tall and strong. Not yet two years old, he is already 30+ pounds. His size has garnered the nickname "Tank." But also like his daddy, Jack has a tremendous heart. He is affectionate and cuddly.

We think that the accident with his fingers has deepened Jack's desire to be close to Mom, and that has been something of a concern this summer with his baby brother on the way. We have prayed for Jack specifically leading up to the birth of his brother, that God would prepare Jack's heart for the days ahead as a big brother.

Jack adores his sisters - what they say and do is quickly -and pretty accurately- mimicked by Jack.  Yet, for all the socializing with his sisters, Jack is quite happy to play on his own.
He is a big fan of anything with wheels: cars, trucks, machines. He likes to lie on the floor and power them around the carpet. The fact that we live in a home near a road with lots of construction traffic is a perk for Jack.

Jack also enjoys reading books. He is a good-natured lad, and is consistently up for a hearty laugh with people (especially Camille), pictures, sounds, or ideas.

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  1. I so need to hug your children and your family!