Snapshots: Catherine

Catherine is now four.
She is genuine, gentle, kind, thoughtful, and helpful.
She is also everything (tastefully) girlie.

She loves having a book read to her, a cuddle, and "dates" to a local coffee shop and her favorite shop in town (featuring Vera Bradley bags, colorful accessories, fun jewelery, etc.) When it comes to dressing herself, Catherine has a unique and fashionable style.

Expressions trending at the moment for Catherine? "Can you tell me a story of when you were little?" "What are we going to do today?" "How 'bout we...?" "Camille, do you want to...?" She is leading her younger sister and brother well into fun and productive activities.

Catherine has a tremendous heart. She seems to be aware of other's needs and how she can best help. If problems arise, Catherine is already working on a solution.

In addition to her beautiful heart and mind, Catherine is physically strong - bouldering and climbing these Rocky Mountains with the best of them.

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