Snapshots: Camille

In terms of catching up, I'd first like to give you some literal and figurative snapshots of the kids from over the summer. 

Camille is going on three, this September 15. 
She is every bit as full of life and fun as she looks, eager to make someone laugh by sporting a silly face, making a joke, or by laughing out loud (which is often enough to get someone else laughing).

Physically, Camille is a natural athlete - ripped in her chest, arms, and legs. She is liquid steel, beautiful to watch flowing over and around obstacles. Sliding down ropes, powering up onto swings, or balancing on rocks is no challenge for Mimi. 
Socially, Camille knows people! She knows names, faces, and has inside jokes. She likes to know how people relate (Where's your mom? Who's your dad?) and remembers facts and details about their lives. I think my mom described Camille well, saying she has a "steel-trap mind"... not likely to forget emotions, details, and facts. 

Mimi enjoys focusing on a project (stringing beads or sequencing blocks), running, climbing, "swimming", swinging, reading, and a good cuddle. When she's not "on", she can be found quietly with her stuffed monkey ("Monk") or reading a book.

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  1. Abby Greenfield20.9.11

    Ahh!!! The kids are growing fast!!! I miss those kiddos and you guys as well!! Glad to hear that Jude arrived safely!! Come back to SC!