summer recess ends

Reminiscent of feelings only September could evoke, as grade schoolers return to class (and perhaps more realistically, to favorite classmates), I have been on a nearly summer-long recess away from blogging, and I am borderline giddy with anticipation of being with you again, my friends:  whispering to you, scribbling a note here and there, and finding you on the playground of your spare time to... catch up.

So much to say! (and, for those of you in the blogging school who write your own essays - err...posts- , I can't wait to catch up with YOU in between class (read: feeds and naps). Look out for a note or two to be scrawled on YOUR notebooks/blogs over the next term.)

Got to go; class is starting - this one's called Parenting 404!
The bell rings (or shall I say, My children sing!).

So, as we would say in middle school - yes, even in "those" days, before texting, TTYL!
(talk to you later)


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  1. I'm so glad you're back! You were missed! And I'll be checking often for photos of your new little one!