and then there were four

Hello, all-

We are delighted to introduce you to 
Jude Tom Snyder
19 August 2011
1:30 am
7 pounds 10 ounces
21 inches long
a little brown hair and blue (yes, blue!) eyes

Sarah and Jude did great! Fastest delivery yet for our family... contractions began at 11:30 pm, labored at home comfortably till 1:05 am, crawled into the birthing center on all fours at 1:15 am, delivered at 1:30 am. The look on the nurses' faces when we arrived was priceless. 
As always, we have chosen our children's middle names to bear witness to God's character in our lives. Over this last year, the importance of Integrity has meant a great deal to us... well, that's what Jude's middle name means in Hebrew. May he grow into a man of integrity after God's own heart. 

If any of you have noticed that these posts are getting shorter and are sent out later, that's because you are right... that's what being parents to four, four and under, is like. We love it, and there's no place we'd rather spend our time.

Love in Christ,
Erik and Sarah
Catherine, Camille, Jack, and Jude


  1. Congrats Erik and Sarah! You are doing a great job! char

  2. Welcome little Jude. Now I REALLY need to hug these children.

  3. Have been praying for your precious family and waiting the news...Rejoicing in the quick, healthy arrival of little Jude and love seeing the smiling faces of the siblings.

  4. mm stansell19.9.11

    MERCY! do i ever miss those Beautifuls because life is so rich and resonate with the Snyder Littles around. So glad you are back in the blog, Sarah. Guess the stories and pix will have to do til we can see ya'll again.
    We love you so much! Dad and mom

  5. Your family is beautiful! God is good! Can't wait to see all of them in person one day!

  6. Anonymous20.9.11

    Congrats! Beautiful or shall i say handsome! Alisa

  7. Charlotte20.9.11

    This is great news, you have such a beautiful family! Praise God :)
    Love from the Netherlands!

  8. Beautiful! So good to read this!! :D
    I love the picture with all the kids and Jack holding Jude.

    Again, love from the Netherlands! For Catherine, Camille, Jack and Jude also.

  9. Congratulations! What sweet blessings you have been given!