glimpses of summer

faces of summer

(I love Jack's childlike oblivion to his dirty face. He is all smiles, confirming my personal philosophy of parenting, which is: "the dirtier they are, the 'funner' they had")

 family of summer

We moved to another home on the Ravencrest property. Erik set up this shot on the morning of "moving day". We had friends drop in from time to time, but we also had great help all day from two German summer interns, Mattias and Katje. Our friends and neighbors, the Carpenters, looked after the kids so we could move. Thanks again, everyone!

The next day, Auntie Laurie, Uncle Andy and cousins Josh, Zach, Kaitlin, and Brianna arrived for a visit! They helped us "furnish" the house with the best of things... laughter and wonderful memories!!

 fun of summer

Catherine and Camille organized a "climbing route" in front of our old house. 

They scrambled and climbed this complex loop, ending with the "summit". 

Catherine arrives at the "summit". 

places of summer

We spent some wonderful time outdoors in the Rocky Mountain National Park

 Jack and his buddy Jacob

flavors of summer

farewell to summer