and you are??

So Erik's commented a couple of times lately that in certain angles, he hasn't been able to tell Catherine and Camille apart. I know our girls are roughly the same size, and have similar hair color, but I've always been able to tell them apart. Until now...

Last week, I was showering with the kids. We don't have a bathtub, just a stand up shower. You may laugh, wondering how I, plus the three kids, fit into 4 square feet. Answer: We each take a corner :) Our kids love showering like this; that's what happens when you pretty much know nothing different. (Now, I must admit, they think going to visit each set of grandparents is like going to a palace... their bathrooms include acutal bathtubs - equivalent to swimming pools to our kids!)

To Catherine, Camille, and Jack, warm water splashing all around them plus a few toys is a recipe for tremendous fun. They typically only ask for a spoon and a cup each to collect water and stir it around... good thing, cause there's not much room in there for anything else. They've even located a place where the shower head dripdripdrips, creating a prime spot to collect a stash of water.

"Camille, I was collecting water there!" I heard Catherine say through the suds.

"Camille, it's Catherine's turn. You can have a turn when her cup is full." I then glanced down at the girls - two honey-hued heads and two similar- sized bodies sitting side by side near the "stream".

Two little hands held up her cup to the water stream.

"Camille! Give Catherine a turn, or Mama will take your cup away."

The two little hands didn't move. The other child sat quietly and still.

I reached down and took the cup away. At this point Catherine said, "Mama, can I have my cup back?"

Then I realized IT had happened. I'd confused Catherine for Camille. I'd mixed them up. When I explained it to the girls and they laughed over Mama's mistake.

And so it begins, the mixing up. At least for now - as the girls are nearly the exact same size, height, weight, and hair color. Hopefully they can learn to appreciate it and laugh through it (and maybe even play with it) until - perhaps - they grow once again more distinguishable from one another.


  1. How fun, if they were only a couple of years older to realize they could play tricks on you with being similar. They are beautiful!

  2. that's so funny!! i was having a good laugh remembering the group showers the 4 of us would take too... at one point I had the baby bath on the floor with levi in it so that my hands were free to wash the others!! but it was a bigger shower... oh the memories! enjoy it while it lasts... eventually they start looking up and asking, what's that?

  3. Mikal, you make me chuckle out loud! How FUNNY you are! :)

  4. girl, you had me rolling on the floor. the kids kept asking, what are you laughing at???