new things

Scene: Camille, learning new words related to money, like "Coin" and "Penny," sometimes creates her own.
Heard: "Look, Mom, I found a Coiny!"

Scene: Camille has been identifying herself in terms of her family lately. In a world of many people, she seems content and secure in linking herself to her family members.
Heard: (Camille's prayer at breakfast) "Sank You for my mama, my daddy, my Caf-ren (translation: Catherine), my JackJack. A-men!"

Scene: Catherine has been diving into a new world: board games, card games, coloring, and crafts. Some lingo from these new experiences has showed up in our regular conversations.
Sarah - "Catherine, we're out of raisins over here. Do you have any more you could pass us?"
Catherine - "No, Mama. Go Fish." (smiles)

Scene: Jack has been communicating for a long while now... we just haven't been able to translate most of it. And then one day, he busts out with this line, which we heard coming from his crib.
Heard: "Mamagetdown?" (Literal translation: Mama, get down? Meaning: Mama, I'm awake. Can you get me out of my crib now?)

photos of Camille responding to Erik
- who I think was roaring like a lion -
Christmas Day, 2010

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