one year: walking with us, part 2

Hi, everyone-

Yesterday I wrote Part One about those faces in the right column of our blog- the friends who are "walking with us" through our blog. And now here is Part Two of the promised post.
Also walking with us are...

Kelly - Kelly is one of those people who is slow to speak and quick to listen. She is a great listener and when she does share, it's from her heart. She has often spoken words that encouraged me in truth... or in humor! She's the mother of Mikal, and the mother in law of Amy, who you probably met yesterday. Kelly, with your permission, I'd love to include your blog address here!

Lindsay - Lindsay, is this YOU?!! Holy smokes, the last time I saw this girl, she was little! And here is her photo with a man... her man, whose last name she now bears, I understand. It was one thing when I began to measure my life in (ahem) decades, but now to see this gal I babysat for MARRIED is quite another! Lindsay, say the word, and I'd happily share your blog address here.

Caleb - Caleb was in Erik's prayer and share group last year from January to graduation. He's just begun a blog, which you can read about here.

Karin - (aka "tappin-ballerina") is our cousin through Erik's side of the family! She's gentle and steady in spirit, but not without a spirit of adventure, too. She's trekking around Europe and when she finds an internet cafe and time to sit, she blogs about her adventures. Find her there at Hello Europe, Nice to Meet You.

Steph - I first saw Steph, a smiling little Asian girl, in a photograph on the back of a book her dad and mom had written called Major League Dad - the moving story of an All-Star pitcher who gave up baseball for his family. Years later, I personally met Steph, a still smiling, only now a twenty-something Asian girl, working at Ravencrest Chalet. Quick to laugh and quick to care, Steph has a moving story of her own that God is still writing. I miss Steph, who moved last fall, but can keep up with her living story on her new blog Made in Korea.

Jennifer - I knew Jennifer years ago when I was in highschool. Jennifer, if you have a blog you'd like to share, please drop a line!

Dave and Sadie - These are good friends Erik and I met in England. Their friendship has crossed the miles and the years. We are grateful for like-minded friends and wish we all lived closer! When Sadie's ready to publish her thoughts, I will be the first to let you know her blog address! As she is in person, Sadie would be an insightful writer, sure to have you thinking... and chuckling.

Don and Susan - Friends from the south! Susan helped with the flowers at our wedding, and I've recently come to learn that flowers aren't all she and Don know about green growing things. They also have a local organic farm! Looking over the pictures on their website made me drool for the south and all things fresh! Read more (or better yet, visit them!) at Brant Family Farm.

Patty - there's a bond that forms through "running-generated" sweat. Patty and I ran together in college and strengthened our friendship while we strengthened our calves. I haven't seen Patty since she and her hubby Tim came to Erik's and my wedding nearly six years ago, but the bond is still there!

Jordan and Maureen - Speaking of southern soil and freshly grown foods, I can't eat a strawberry or peach or sweet corn in the summer time without thinking of Maureen and her family growing up. When I revisit my favorite "summer high school memories" file, time with their family on their farm and roadside stand is close to the top. Maureen married Jordan, and they have three beautiful children. She loves her family and writes about them in her blog My Family.

Real Man's Gal - I tried my best, but couldn't crack the code of your identity! Would the real man out there kindly share the name of his gal so we can get to know her, too?

So thank you all, for being a part of our lives then, now, and in the days to come. Many times this year I have seen your photo, thought of you, prayed for you. If you'd like, please email to let us know how you would like for us to be more personally involved in praying for you in your life.

with affection,
sarah and the snyder crew


  1. my permission granted...Missed you!

  2. Yes, it's me! It's fun to follow your family (Emily talks about you from time to time) and yes, you have my permission also!