one morning in colorado

I felt on the ball. I smiled and my steps were light. We were going to be on time today! It was the first day back to the Community Bible Study after the Christmas break. The kids and I really enjoy Tuesday mornings there.

I had gotten Jack's diaper bag ready, lunch bagged up for the kids, everyone dressed, and the kids quietly reading so I could get myself ready. Quickly, I jumped in and out of the shower, dressed, and bundled everybody up in their winter coats. It was a cold one!

I got everyone up to the car, got everyone in their carseats, and tossed the stroller in the back when I felt it.

My hair felt funny. Really funny. Like, Did I forget to rinse out the shampoo and conditioner? funny. It felt... krinkly and stiff and disgusting. I began to process a solution - a solution involving undoing the kids and getting back in the shower to wash my hair out - a solution which melted my "on the ball" feeling moments earlier - when I started laughing.

Our car's thermometer-thingy (can't think of the word) read "5 degrees Fahrenheit".
My hair was frozen!

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  1. Been there, done that! I'm ashamed to say that it was before babies and the distractions!!!