sweet things

Kari stopped by our house the other day, as she often does on her walks with her dog, Buddy. Kari's a mother of three teens who live on this "hill." Our kids love seeing her and Buddy. Kari has colored with them, read them stories, and even sung to them before their naps.

Kari, stopping by on one of her walks with Buddy.
Catherine, Camille, and Jack check out Buddy from the window.

This past summer, when I was challenged as a mother, Aunt Suzan prayed that God would send someone to help me. God sent me three "someones": Kari and her two girls. Even Jacob her son is Jack's pal.

Kari had just finished sitting in on a lecture by Wayne Weissman at Ravencrest when she stopped by.
Background on Wayne:
Erik and I have been privileged to interact with Wayne and Patti
as our friends over these three years at Ravencrest,
but with our three kids, I'd never been able to experience him as a lecturer.
As a Jewish believer, Wayne's insights into scripture are rich,
and as a man with a genuine relationship with the Messiah,
his insights are heart-piercing.

"Oh, I wish I could hear Wayne teach!" I said.
Kari suggested I get the CDs, and I agreed.
But first thing the next morning, Kari called. "I want to talk to you about something you said yesterday."
Uh oh... my mind raced... what had I said?!
"You said you wanted to hear Wayne teach. The last thing on my mind last night and the first thing on my mind this morning was that I should watch your kids so you can sit in on Wayne's class this term. I felt like God put this on my heart."
My heart filled with emotion. First, I appreciated her sensitivity to God's leading in her life. Second, I appreciated her genuine willingness and cheerfulness to obey Him. Third, I wanted to hear Wayne teach! Fourth, I knew this would be Wayne's last term teaching before he and Patti move to Israel. I checked with Erik and he was in full agreement. I said yes!

I sat in Wayne's class on the book of Acts later that afternoon, I had a strange sense that this scenario was very familiar. I chuckled.
I had heard Wayne teach.
I had heard Wayne teach the book of Acts.
When our local church was searching for a pastor a few years back, Wayne filled in and taught this very book.
I called Kari and filled her in; she should go to Wayne's class instead.

I don't know God's purposes in this situation, but I do know that I saw Kari's love for God in being willing to serve our family in this way. This encouraged me.

It is the "sweet thing" of being a part of a group of believers - not just here at Ravencrest, but wherever God's people are listening to His voice and obeying Him. It is the "other side"of the "hard things" I wrote about earlier. I am so grateful for the people God has put in my life.

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