catherine, the great

Catherine, the Kind
Scene: Camille gets hurt one afternoon
Catherine (whispering to Camille): Here's your monkey.... here's a pillow... here's a blanket... you can hold my teddy... here's some juice...

Catherine, the True
Scene: finishing our dinner of stew and cornbread
Erik: Mmm! Mommy makes the BEST cornbread on the planet!
Catherine: No, Daddy, she doesn't.
Erik: Who does?
Catherine: The oven.

Catherine, the Aware
Scene: Following an incident recently where Jack got his hand painfully stuck in the door while someone tried to push the door closed, Erik and I told the girls they were not to play with the doors.
Catherine: (crying)
Sarah: I'm not angry at you, Catherine.
Catherine (studying me intently): But, Mama, your EYES are angry!

Catherine, the Wise
Scene: discussing our friend's and family's airport delays in England and the Northwest caused by snow this past December
Catherine (thinking of a solution): How 'bout if they put wings on cars like ours, with good wheels? Then they could take off in the snow!


  1. these are priceless! she is so adorable!

  2. Catherine IS Great!!! We love her so much!!!