one afternoon in colorado

Jack's a pretty easy going little guy, so when I heard him scream from the sunroom yesterday, I knew something was wrong.

I ran from the kitchen, expecting to see him gashed, or with his finger stuck in a too-tight hole. Neither gash nor "stuck-age" answered my question, and when I picked him up and held him, he instantly settled. Hmm, I wondered. I wonder what troubled him?

I turned around, and looking out our door, my question was answered. There prowled a bobcat, sneaking up on his (hopefully) delicious dinner, an unsuspecting rabbit.
Move over, National Geographic.

the bobcat, eyeing his rabbit prize

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  1. Anonymous30.1.11

    Yikes! Just a little too much nature for me! I would have screamed! You know I barely can handle spiders, ticks, and snakes...oh my! I am definitely a city girl. The only places you would find bobcats are stuffed at a museum or behind very strong, protective display glass!