Parting Shots: Dad

I knew the time would come...
The clock struck midnight, and our fantastical, magical month with the Stansells in both South Carolina and in Colorado ended. (We said goodbye to Mom to the airport today.)

I just wanted to post a few last shots. I love these pictures of Dad with the children. I think they capture the spirit of joy, hands-on interaction, and special love he has for each one.

Mimi said it best in this scenario:

After a nearly two year plus pause, work picked up for Dad while we were in SC. Mimi evidently didn't like the timing of this - a few days of having Granddaddy entirely to herself and then having to share him with the machines was not her idea of fun. As you may know, Camille isn't able to express herself clearly using words yet, but we had no doubt about her feelings after this:

Heading out for work, Granddaddy left the house, the screen door slamming behind him. Mimi cried as he went down the steps and headed for his truck. Through her tears she very clearly called out to him, "I love you!" Dad stopped dead in his tracks. My jaw dropped. This little lady articulately expressed her heart for someone whom she knows loves her very much.

We love you and miss you, Granddaddy!

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