Parting Shots: Mom

Over this past month, I have spent a great deal of time with my mom. Observing her, I would characterize Mom as a willing, tireless, and cheerful servant, available to support us in whatever way we need. From dawn til dusk for the past thirty days, she has cheerfully, willingly, and gladly been available to love us in countless ways.

I chose these shots because I think they portray Mom's servant's heart, cheerful attitude, and fortitude as she interacted with us.

(She's strong, physically, seen here with 20 pound Jack... but she's got fortitude, too: Mom GAVE ERIK AND ME A NIGHT AWAY, friends! Three babies and some help from two staff girls. Wow. What could be more valuable to this couple than TIME ALONE?! Thanks again, Mom!)

Like I said, dawn til dusk availablity ... and cheerful about it

We love you and miss you, GrandMar!


  1. I love your mom. She's one of my favorite people. The post on your dad brought tears to my eyes...so sweet.

  2. Anonymous7.5.10

    love love love these pictures. love love love your parents. i am so grateful and blessed to have them as my aunt and uncle. love love love you!

  3. Michelle and MaryStewart- thanks for these kind comments. I am so glad God shared "Dick and Marlit" with me, too. He has made each one of us so unique and when available to Him, wow, what a blessing!
    - scs