A Funny One?

When God was passing out the humorous strand of DNA, it seems I got bypassed. I don't know how; every single member of my family is endowed with a healthy dose of humor. My aunt, cousins, brothers, mom and dad... every one is hilariously funny and brilliantly humorous. Seems I got the short end of the funny bone.

But that's ok with me; when it comes to humor, I figure there are two types of people in the world - the funny ones and the ones who laugh at those funny ones. When I die, I hope to have well-worn laugh lines on my face.

Seriously, the only joke I know is one I read out of a Christmas cracker on my plate when we celebrated that holiday in England at Capernwray Hall. If you've been to England at Christmastime, you know the "quality" kind of little hats, toys, and jokes that come inside of Christmas crackers. I was fond of mine, and it went like this:

Q:What kind of cereal do snowmen eat?
A: Snowflakes

Hilarious, I know.

When it comes to good jokes, riddles, and humor, I love it all. Anything that tricks, teases, or tickles my mind is tremendous fun. I'll join Catherine's Mary Poppins kick and sing with the rest of them, "I love to laugh!" Well, mark it down, everyone:

I. Think. I've. Done. It.

My first riddle! Ready for this, everyone? Ahhhem.

Where would you be if you heard this statement and it was true?

"I've seen dogs fly. I've seen cats fly. But I've never seen birds fly."

Think you know? let me know! But, if it's that pathetically obvious, you can humor me by emailing me in private so as to not crush my childlike joy of finally crossing over to becoming one of those Funny Ones.

Need a hint? see bottom of post.

IF I have indeed created a true bona fide riddle, I'll post the answer and the winners next week. Prizes? Hmm... I have a week to think about it. Erik, you're automatically disqualified because you've already heard this. (But because you're always a winner to me, you get a prize next week anyway... ME!)

Hint for solving my riddle (!)
1. This is a true statement. I heard it myself and realized that, for as odd as it sounded, in this particular place, it was actually true!!


  1. In an airport listening to an employee discuss which animals he's seen on an airplane?

  2. The other thought is at the ticket counter in an airport. The ticket agent might say, "I have seen dogs and cats fly, but never a bird".