Empty bowls and full hands

I was on my way back to my parents' kitchen with an empty bowl of oatmeal when she found me.

Hey, Catherine.

Where you goin', Mom?

I was going to put this bowl in the kitchen, but I think I'd rather hold you.

Catherine reached up and was soon in my arms. We snuggled on the couch, listening to soulful, epic soundtrack music that my dad pipes in occasionally.

I had returned half and hour earlier from dropping off Erik at the airport for his return flight to Colorado, and the ache was creeping in. Tears silently started to stream down my face.

Catherine looked up at me and gently caressed my face. Her delicate little hand stopped and cupped my chin while she gazed into my eyes.

Why Mama cryin'?

I love Daddy and I'm missing him.

I dried my eyes with one of Jack's swaddling blanket. Catherine reached for the blanket and dabbed her dry eyes and said, "My miss, Daddy, too."


  1. Oh my goodness. So so sweet. Erik, you are so loved. :)

  2. And YOU are extra loved now, Mama Mary-Stew, now that your baby Isabelle is in your arms!
    Lots of love to the Finn Four from the Snyders!