One month into blogging

Last month, I pressed the "publish post" button and so began our first Snyder family post.

I sheepishly, almost shyly, told my mom that we were blogging. "We'll give it a shot and see how it goes..."

I never would expected how the next thirty days would go.

I expected there to be a joy in writing again. But I never anticipated feeling so encouraged by knowing that you guys - our friends and family - are reading, and are in some way knowing and understanding and involved with our family.

While we feel content and settled here in the place God has called us in Colorado, sometimes it can feel lonely living here away from some of the people who know us and love us. As a stay at home mom, sometimes it can feel lonely even in the middle of the busyness diapers, dressing, and feeding.

Thank you for all for desiring to know and understand our family. I feel supported just knowing that you are, in some way, a part of our lives.



  1. Anonymous15.3.10

    No, THANK YOU!!!!! :)

  2. Anonymous16.3.10

    I had no idea we could comment! Amazing!!! There is much I have to say to you, but I want to go on record as saying that this blog, this window into your family, your heart, your lives... is the most relevant and beautiful and inspiring, not to mention fun thing, I have read in a long time!As a woman you continue to amaze me, as a a Mom you challenge me, as a wife you encourage me, as a writer you bless me and as a friend, well you are one in a million!

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  4. whoops! that wasn't a censored comment... I just don't know how to edit a comment after it's been sent!
    It was supposed to read:

    Sadie, my FRIEND.
    What more need I say?