Spring Break

Spring Break!
The Ravencrest students have flown, driven, or hiked away from here for the next week. The campus is pretty quiet... no band practices in the lecture hall, no cars honking greetings to each other, no laughter or shrieks from across the campus. No snow creations showing up on the lawn in front of the Chalet.

Below is a picture of last term's "Family Group". There's Ildi (Hungary), Daniel (Germany), Seth (PA) holding Jack, Kris (Chicago), Micah (CO), Candace (Canada), Courtney (VA), Sarah and Camille, Steph (South Korea) holding Catherine, and Hannah (Chicago). Our group meets at our house on Wednesday mornings for a little over an hour to teach and discuss a book. We were in the Bible book called Esther this last term. It's wonderful to hear students from across the world share, teach, and make us laugh like they do.

You guys become a part of our lives and the lives of our children. Thank you for "receiving our little ones"... they look up to you and learn from you and love you. (So do we!) We miss you and look forward to your return!

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  1. Anonymous17.3.10

    erik, your family is beautiful. Remember i used to say you could ship your kids over and i'd babysit them? offer still stands. although, i don't consider it a very wise offer anymore... they would cry and i would feel lost. anyways... i hope you are all well :) - anna birgitte