As Catherine sees it... Part Two

Some recent and frequent "Catherine" phrases I love!!

"Careful, Mommy!" as we walked down an icy path

"I comin' Jack." when she heard Jack starting to cry
"Ok, ok, Jack!" while she put Jack's paci in his mouth

"Pull these." teaching Mimi how to take off her diaper

"My miss Daddy!" when Daddy came home from work
"My help Daddy wash dishes?!"

"Please may I..." this is a pretty sincere (and effective!) line
"Oh, YEAH!" her frequent answer when we suggest something she do

"Zat cool, Daddy?" when she's made something
"Mommy, I's so sorry!" when she dumped out her duplos after I asked her to clean them up

"Mommy doin' Ok?" when I had been feeling sick last week

"Mmmm! I love Mommy" frequently when she gives me hugs

I'm so glad to be this two year old's Mama!


  1. Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmm...donja know I'm so glad to be this two year old's grandMar and to be her 30some year old Mama's mama!!

    I love you so much.
    What a privilege to "be with you guys" nearly every day!

  2. and every day for three weeks in a few weeks' time!
    we love you!

  3. Sarah and ERIK!!!! How exciting to see your faces and your beautiful CHILDREN, oh my how much your life has changed!!! We are so excited to have joined the "parent" club with our two growing boys, Jaden 7months and Ty just shy of 3months!!! God is good!!! We miss you guys...
    I too blog, check it out sometime!
    Love hearing from you guys!!
    The Tanner Crew
    Kevin, Beth, Jaden, Tyler and zion...and...moab!

  4. Hey, Tanner crew!!
    wonderful to hear your news! We couldn't be happier for you. Looking forward to catching up, in person or on your blog. The Snyder Quintet