A Snyder Saturday

We headed to the Rocky Mountain National Park for a hike around
Sprague Lake Saturday morning.

The lake had frozen, so we hiked across most of it. (Walking on the water, anyone?)

These cool shades aren't just for looks! The brightness of the sun is double reflected off the white snow. (Ok, ok... that's obvious for some of you, but this southern girl had to learn a few things about Colorado culture!)

Quiz: where's Jack?

If you spotted him tucked back there behind Erik, you're right!

Quiz: Where are YOU?
We'd love to see you in pictures like these with us some day!


  1. hmm... maybe school year 10-11? :) love the updates! can't wait to see y'all!

  2. we can't wait to have THE emily ranches in our lives again!!!

  3. Danielle17.3.10

    Hello! I LOVE these photos! Especially the one where you're with the girls- wearing you're very worn-in CANADIAN pants :-) LOVE YOU!!! xoxoxo

  4. Those roots pants are the best!! I wish we had bought out the store in victoria! thinking of you often there down under. i LOVE YOU!! maybe we can update our photos of your time here from last april... fancy another CO trip??