the other side

every story has two sides. 
for example: the other side of our wonderful vacation to SC was...

the other side of our wonderful vacation was...
coming home.

1. at the end of a day of travel with four little ones (and my wonderful mother who flew back with us), I was grumbling in the car thinking, "I just want the kids in bed. I just want to go to bed." Ten minutes after arriving home, we were in emerg with Jack for stitches, who had gashed his sweet head open.

2. readjusting to Erik going back to work

3. readjusting to my mom leaving after five weeks of her being my "right hand (wo)man"

4. recouperating kids from sicksicksicksicksick weeks

5. recouperating mama from the same

6. my former dream-boat baby Jude's discovery that his mother is indeed like McDonald's... open 'round the clock. How 'bout another milk-shake, Mama? at all hours of the night.

7. remembering our routine... adding structure to our day again...

So I wrote about "turbo" some months ago, but can honestly say recently since returning from vacation that I've been more like "burning out my clutch" lately.

I've been sick. and tired. and harder and harsher on the kids. I've been unfair in some judgment. I haven't taken time to slow down and just "be" with them. Unloading suitcases can be a lot like unloading vacation expectations. All full of great memories, for sure, but impractical back at home. Getting our home - not just our house - back in order is work.

Makes me glad that Erik didn't marry me for my wedding day face or enthusiasm. But that his heart warmly embraces his the end of the trip, back from the emergency room wife. In sickness and in health.

Makes me glad I can talk to my children and explain how I'm doing, and how I've dishonored them, and how I'm asking them and God for forgiveness.

Makes me glad that I can go to God and ask Him to help me find solutions and strategies as I care for and lead our children through the back-from-vacation days.

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