best of show

The wonder of the three weeks could not possibly be captured by this collection of photos.
Sadly I am missing many of those who made this trip so memorable -
that is, family who are friends and friends who are family.
Of the photos we have, these are possibly the best of show. 

South Carolina, here we come!!

The road Sarah grew up on.
Ahh, life in the "slow-country" - the lowcountry of South Carolina. Southern hospitality was extended even by the azaleas, which welcomed us with a beautiful magenta show.

Grandmar doing what she does oh, so well! 

Granddad and Jude 

 Sarah's little bro Zachary, in his field at the USDA.

 Our sister in law, Emily. I love this girl! 
She jumped in to help out, lend a hand, and love on our kids. 

Beach baby! Jude's first time at the beach in Jacksonville, FL. 
Erik and I visited some past Ravencrest students whilst out east. 

 Which is the candle-stick maker? Cousin Anna Claire, Mimi, or Catherine?
No matter, here's to a jolly Rub a dub dub, Three men in a tub anyway!

 At the controls.

 Daddy time.


 The fine folks who made our time in SC possible... thanks mom and dad!

SC wildlife- fishing with Granddad... 

and watching caterpillars, to name a few.

salt air, once again!

Can't say it better than this!
(Not from the South? Y'all is a contraction for YOU ALL)
Thanks to all who shared in this special, unforgettable time in our family's life. We love you!

til next time


  1. Thanks so much! Beautiful pictures!! Can't wait to skype :)

  2. Beautiful pictures, beautiful family!! Great to see "y'all" had this great time enjoying each other.

  3. Allegra :)3.5.12

    Holy smokes, Catherine's hair in the bathtub picture is UNREAL!! You can't fake curly hair like that! I think Erik better get a bat to beat off the inevitable flocks of boys!!