they labored, too

Our adjustment to becoming a "family of six" has had its challenges, but overall it has been a natural and seamless adjustment. This is by and large due to an amazing husband and loving children, who both welcome Jude and accept the changes in me as a mom. Before departing from this topic, I have to make note of some "behind the scenes" key players who supported our family during this transition. 

Jump start.
My mom and her sister (my aunt) Melinda, arrived as scheduled at the Denver International Airport the afternoon of August 18th to help out around Jude's arrival. After a stop at Costco to stock up and a bite at Chick-fil-A to re-fuel after the Costco expedition, we headed up the mountain toward home. 
Although I had been feeling some contractions - particularly as we walked around the football field -sized Costco - they were similar to the ones I had been feeling all week. Jude's estimated due date was sketchy - one for the 11th and the other for the 21st of August. I am historically "late" with the due dates for the other three children, so I really wasn't too concerned about these contractions progressing.
True to her insightful and thoughtful nature, my "Aunt Memaw" asked, when we got home at eight that night, "What SHOULD we do, in case you go into labor tonight?"
Good question.
Jude was born five hours later!
Mom and Melinda came just in time. (We like to think that Jude is already so full of integrity that he would wait until the timing was just right to come out.)

They labored, too. 
What followed over the next three weeks, as we welcomed Jude into our family, was Mom and Memaw loving and serving our family tirelessly: preparing meals, caring for the children (without showing favoritism to "the baby"), and making me laugh, to name a few. They were up for anything- especially watching the kids so Erik and I could go on many dates, even an overnight!

into the swing of things
Mom and Melinda literally picked up where I "left off" (while I assumed care for Jude) - keeping up the housework, reading, playing, and picnicking with Catherine, Camille, and Jack. Erik and I were able to focus on integrating Jude into our lives, into the family, and then to resume responsibility for the rhythm of life at home within those three weeks.

When I downloaded this picture, I couldn't believe what the camera caught. Here, Catherine, Camille, and Jack are playing hide-and-seek from "GrandMar". Catherine's whispering to be quiet because GrandMar is close... so close, you can just barely see her through the heart shaped cut-out in the railing!

she's a machine!
Melinda is a self-described "washing-machine"- washing up dishes, laundry, and day-worn children. She kept the home fires burning and took the time to include our kids in the process. 

The sisters! 

Mom and Melinda- we are grateful for your care for each of us, for our marriage, and for our children. You are loved and missed!

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  1. Anonymous22.10.11

    I finally figured out how to P a C!

    Thank you for your kind words, fun pix and, especially, great babies to love!!

    It was an honor to have been entrusted with your blessings and having Ant Memaw did add to the fun (and convenience, thank you very much Memaw!)

    We love being "coming alongsiders" to the Snyder Fam!

    love to each of you,