esprit de four

How's morale around here since Jude came? 
No one wants to "return Jude" or seems jealous of his arrival; in fact, he is in "high demand" from waking to sleeping. I think the pictures speak for themselves. 

Since she first learned that we were having a baby, Camille has been a tremendously loyal supporter of "Baby Jude". Before Jude's birth, she would wake up from naps or sleep and state without promting, "I'm SO excited about Baby Jude!" Once he arrived, Camille is known to frequently ask, "Mom, can we KEEP him?"

Catherine would be happy sitting on the couch all day holding Jude. She is calm and comforting to him.

Man time: Jack's cool with Jude. 
Here, Jack chews his (own!) finger (hello, two-year-molars) while hanging out with his bro.

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