what did you learn?

Wayne Weissman asked us this question after we returned from Jack's first doctor's appointment following the surgery on his fingers. Would Jack's fingers have healed, so as to be able to keep his fingers, or would they have to be shortened? We share what we learned with you, as taken from a recent email:

We had Jack's doctor's appointment (Friday) as scheduled. The doctor unwrapped his bandages and without hesitation said, "Oh, yes. They are going to be fine."
I summoned the nerve to look down at Jack's fingers (I last remember them being bloody and dangling), but now I saw our little baby's fingers soft and pink and re-attached as they should be, only with stitches. We go back in on Thursday to have them looked at again, and it is expected that he will go home with bandaids at that point!
We are praising God for this restoration. I got in the car and let out a huge sigh of relief. Relief that feels as good as falling in love! The whole world looked brighter.
Jack is quite the trooper and has adjusted quickly to using his one arm/hand, getting steady on his feet as he finds his new center of balance, but we are still watching him closely in case he tumbles.
Thank you for praying and if you think of us, please continue to pray for his little fingers to heal properly and safely.
Sarah for the Snyder family


  1. Hi Sarah,

    I saw your mom at church today (we were in town for the weekend) and I was so glad to hear that Jack's fingers are doing so well. I'm sure that was scary. I'll continue to pray for him! Congratulations on your pregnancy!

    Erin Dralle Ragle

  2. Sarah! GOD is so good! I am so thankful He was faithful to answer our prayers. You have been on my heart all weekend. On Friday I was trimming AudreyKate's finger nails and I clipped a piece of skin. We both bawled....and I just kept praying for you - that God would comfort your heart and remind you that accidents happen....but there are no accidents to God. Xoxo

  3. Oooooh, Snyder family! I cannot tell you the range of emotions I just flew through as I read those last two updates! I can imagine that as Jack's parents, you went through considerably more. I am so thankful that Jack's fingers are healing properly. Much love and many prayers from your far-away friend.

  4. That's wonderful news Sarah, we rejoice with you and continue to pray for little Jack.