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Scene: Dinner Friday nights at the Chalet. Afterward, Catherine loves to volunteer with the students to washup. She knows how to dry and where to put away the dishes. Later, we're reading Alligator Alphabet, in which "D" is a picture of a little boy alligator "Doing Dishes." He face indicates that he is disgusted with his job.
Catherine: "Why is the alligator so upset about washing dishes?"

Scene: Camille, eyes just opened from her nap (is her brain even booted up yet?)
Heard: "I am soooooo excited about our baby, Mom!"

Scene: Rocking and singing to Jack before his nap. He keeps popping his head up.
Sarah: Jack, it's nap time. Do you want Mom to put you in your crib now or sing you a song?
Jack: Sing song. (puts head back down, passes out.)

Scene: graduation week; our kids see and meet other children visiting on campus, including Eva (2.5 years old).
Camille: (also 2.5, leans down, putting hands on her knees to look petite Eva in the eyes, and smiles)
Jack: (1.5, walks over to little Eva with arms extended to hug her and croons): "Baa-by!"

Scene: returning home Sunday morning, seeing the mysterious message "QSTGJMP" typed in the "google search" box on our desktop computer.

Catherine (from the living room):"Mom! There's a chipmunk in our house!!"

Looks like the little chipmunk tried his hands (and feet) at typing by running across our keyboard. Erik kindly showed him to the door.

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  1. I love these moments. :) Thanks for sharing them!