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I wrote a letter (email) to my sister in law, Kathy, today. I realized that it was a good summary of the past week and thought I'd share relevant parts with you.

This past Saturday was graduation, and we have been involved in lots of the end of the year activities. I'm sure you remember what this was like from your days at Bible school. Our children have loved all the interactions, but they are still catching up on sleep from all the excitement. Erik and I too are still getting sorted out after those events, physically and emotionally.

In addition to the events, one factor that is affecting me the most is the weather. It has been consistently snowing off and on for the past week. I don't think it is so hard on me as a woman as it is as a MOM. As adults, Erik and I can read, write, initiate activities, but for the kids, it's been hard finding creative and productive activities to keep them going throughout the day. I have been especially tired this week; I realized I'm in the third trimester now, so that may have something to do with it.

We are longing for sunshine and warmth, picnics, and adventures. I think it will do us all a world of good.

Other than this, we are doing well. I appreciate from the bottom of my heart your brother, who is a wonderful man, husband, father, and lately I have especially seen him demonstrate what a man of integrity he is- consistent in his words and actions. I am honored to stand by him and feel well cared for. He is pure gold.

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