Labeling: the sequel

If you read my post Labeling two months ago, you know where Erik and I are at: we are missing each other. I wrote:

I feel this ache to be better connected to my husband. I find myself praying and asking around... how do we stay connected as 'Erik and Sarah' in the busyness of being parents?"

Thank you for praying for us/me! For me, I feel God has put desires in my heart these past two months that relate to my role as Erik's wife (and let me say, this has been a fun assignment!)

The highlights:

1) wearing some fresh clothes (thereby breaking the cycle of wearing maternity clothes three years straight)
2) getting a fresh hairstyle
3) working out at the Y with Erik, remembering muscles we'd forgotten for three years
4) prioritizing Erik in conversations - not just on dates, but even when the kids are present!
5) making time for regular, simple dates


6) (first, understand that we've had a total of 5 nights away from children over the past three years) getting away for a week together (the two of us) later this summer!!!!


  1. Anonymous15.6.10

    Good for you two!!!! I pray it will be a fresh, relaxing, re-energizing time together. :)

  2. thanks, my dear sweet cousin!! i suspect you will hear all about it in a post later this summer! xo