Celebrating some baby steps

After the students graduated on Saturday, Erik and I spent some time looking back from September til now. We remembered ways the students - and our family - grew this school year.

Some baby steps we're celebrating as a family...

- Jack's birth!

- Jack's sitting up

- Jack's enjoying solids

- Catherine's potty trained, except for nights

- Catherine's dressing herself (shirts are still "tricky")

- Camille's communicating and settling

- The girls are helping (set and clear the table, clean up after play)

- The girls are sleeping more soundly

- The girls are waking up in the morning and playing quietly in their room until 6:30 (!!!)

- The girls are the same clothes size (simplifying laundry sorting)

- speaking of same sizes, Jack's sporting size 5 diapers, just like his sisters
(simplifying diaper buying)

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