2010 Graduation

We said goodbye to the students last week as they graduated from Ravencrest and returned to wherever home may be. The campus is quiet and empty now. We miss you!

This picture is of last term's family group which met weekly in our home.
Clockwise from left: Stern, Glenn, Ryan, John, Trampe, Heidi, S&E, JackJack, MacKenzie,
Camille, Steph, Lauren, Catherine, Aaron, and Rochelle

Lauren, Sarah, Megan, and Amanda, following the "brrr-aptism" of the students who wanted to be baptized by immersion in Lake Estes.

Graduation day

The kids quietly sat through most of the ceremony
(I was so proud of them; I felt like THEY were graduating!!)

We also said goodbye to the near FOOT of snowfall, only we didn't cry over that farewell!

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