Scene and Heard

Scene: Catherine, alone on the porch, with nothing but a spoon in hand, talking to herself
Heard: "Mmm, Rum Punch!" (Ladies and Gentleman, may I introduce Mary Catherine Poppins?)

Scene: Catherine and Camille trying to get down the icy path to our house
Heard: "Here, Mimi. Hold my hand." She helps her down the steps. "Careful, it's icy here."

Scene: Mama trying to get (pull, tug) Catherine's too-tight pullover over her head.
Heard: muffled, from somewhere within the pullover, "Where IS my? Where IS MY?"
(Translation: Where am I?! or Get me out of here!!)

Scene: Catherine talking to mama
Heard: "Jack Mama's boeh?" (if the last word was German, there would be an umlaut over the "o")
"Yes, Catherine, Jack is mama's boy." I interpret.
"My can't say zat word. My try!"
(Interpretation: I can't say that word, and I'm even trying!)


  1. Anonymous20.3.10

    she speaks german? ;-) i can teach her some more if you want.
    love marianne

  2. oh I can't wait to meet this little fella!

  3. Wonderful photo. Cute story.