On time?

We did it!
After months of trying, discussing, retrying, re-discussing, and re-retrying...
The Snyder family of five got out of the house and to church.... on time (or so we thought)!

Sunday morning went something like this:

Girls - rise and shine!
Sarah and Erik - huh? shise and rhine? (yawn)

Erik - run up to the Chalet to start laundry load #1
Sarah - change girls' diapers

Erik - make breakfast
Sarah - breakfast for Jack

breakfast for the rest of us, including a family discussion of what needs to be done, by whom, by when. The goal: out of the house by 9:45 (for church at 10:10).

Jack - nap
Erik - wash dishes
Sarah and girls - pick out clothes

Erik - run up to the Chalet to flip laundry
Sarah and girls - shower together

Erik - dress Camille and take a shower
Sarah - get dressed and dress Catherine

Jack - wake from nap
Erik - get dressed
Sarah - make kids' lunches to eat on the car-ride home

Erik, Sarah, girls and Jack (in tow) get buckled in
Erik - flip laundry on the way past the Chalet

If only this scenario was this Sunday, but - alas! - it was last Sunday's. If only we had remembered to have changed our clocks forward, too!!


  1. Nothing the matter with a good "trial run" ;) Sorry about the wrong time/day but so much fun to read what's happening in your household!

    Will there be a sequel as to how the Snyders spent that time at the church? Visiting with all the folk just getting out of service? Picnic? Or back to flipping clothes and taking a well-needed nap?

    Such a cute fam!!
    Come see us sometime!

  2. You've got us sussed out! We did all of the above!
    I think we will have to take you up on seeing you sometime!
    Love, scs