Here are a three written "Snapshots" to give you a quick glance at what Catherine, Camille, and Jack are "looking like" these days. They are not conclusive, as a snapshot can't capture the whole personality in one frame. But like a picture, they are true.

Hopefully I'll regularly update these written "Snapshots" as the kids grow. Having these will help to zoom in on some specific areas, too, in future blogs.

Snapshot No. 1
Catherine is 2 1/2, as of January 26th.
Physically, she is gentle and delicate, but strong and agile. Learning to walk in the Rocky Mountains, she loves to scramble over the rocks, and is graceful on the ice (not yet on skates, but with her boots).
She is known to play quietly on her own: reading books, setting up little people, building roads with blocks. She loves to see babies and little kids, give them gentle hugs and hellos. She is friendly and hospitable, inviting students in for "Coffee? Tea? Anysing?" She knows students by name and often spots them from across the campus calling out, "Hey, ___!" She is interested in all the jewelry and gadgets the students have and are willing to let her hold.
Favorites these days are the colors pink and purple, pushing strollers, going for walks, dancing in her "pretty dress" to "aerobic music". She was overheard singing her ABCs, ending with "...now I know my ABJesus, next time won't you sing with me?"

Snapshot No. 2
Camille will be 1 1/2, as of March 15th.
Physically, she takes the cake for the biggest change in the past month. Our stocky, sturdy, strong little girl looks like someone rolled her out with a rolling pin. She has lengthened and narrowed, although she's still just as strong. She can manage these mountains like the best of them. She is best known for her squeals either of delight or of disdain. There is no guessing with Camille; she expresses herself clearly. We are working on using words to communicate. Camille has suddenly belted out words like "Helicopter" and "Airplane", so we are excited for her to find a new freedom as she can express her specific thoughts and needs using words.
She adores Jack- "Hi, JackJack" coupled with a pat before she runs off to something new is a frequent part of Camille's day. Catherine is Camille's favorite playmate, hands down. Where Catherine is, Camille is sure to follow.

Snapshot No. 3
Jack is nearly three months, as of February 20th. He is sporting his cousin Hudson's duds, thankful to be in some masculine colors and styles and not his sisters' hand-me-downs. He is overflowing clothes for 6-12 month babies, and show no sign of slowing down. Favorites these days are Mommy's snuggles, Daddy's playtime on the floor, Catherine's offering him a paci during sad moments, and Camille's giggle. Jack is a true gentleman....a pleasant, easy, calm, go-with-the-flow sort of little man.


  1. Hey this is Jennifer formerly Severson. I can't believe you named your son Jack!!!! You don't want him to be bald like my dad do you??? : ) Just kidding. I am on facebook as Jennifer Spencer or my email is gyjin@hotmail.com. You have beautiful kids!!!

  2. Hey, Jennifer (I remember you as Jeni years ago!)-
    Great to hear from you. Thanks for dropping by!
    Sarah and fam